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                                                           Bigwig Speckle Park Stud Farm

Bigwig is a high end Stud Farm in NSW comprised of 250 acres with another 300 acres under lease and management farming , and about 200 animals. The focus of this stud is not volume but genetic excellence and its principal trading partners are Greg Ebbeck one of the Founders of  SpecklePark  in Australia and the Six Star Stud and Jayson Goodfellow of  Notta Ranch in Canada which won 13 out of 16 banners at the Agribition in Canada in 2016.  Genetics however have been gathered from  other high end studs such as  Spots and Sprouts , Codiak Acres , WattleGrove  and  River Hill.

The Objective of the stud is to develop only 75 breeders in any given year and concentrate on High end genetics . 2017 sees a selective 75 animal embryo program and we are excited to look at what our efforts will produce with cutting edge genetics .

Bigwig acquired the EXCLUSIVE Australian rights to TWO Notta Ranch Animals in 2016 -  Double Downs 310D and Cadence both out of Royal Flesh, their straws and embryos will come to Australia in the second half of 2017.

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